Week 4 Tools for Life- Body Clues

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

This week your child learned about body clues for feelings. A person’s body language sends very clear messages as to how they are feeling. It is important that children learn how to read and understand body clues in themselves and other people. If a child can recognize body clues in themselves, they can start to learn strategies to maintain self control and make good choices. If they can learn to recognize other people’s body clues, it will help them to make choices to change something they are doing to someone who is upset, or to avoid someone who may need some time alone. It will also assist them in developing empathy for others, which will make them better friends

Please take this opportunity to discuss what your child learned using the following questions. We are sure that you will be amazed with what they are learning and how much they know.

  1. When you are excited, where do you feel it in your body?
  2. Ask your child to share how they recognize when you are frustrated?
  3. Share with your child a body clue you get when you are sad.
  4. How do you know when you are feeling angry?


Mr. Shanahan & Ms. Murphy

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