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Thunder “I CAN” Outdoor Play Agreements

Thunder ” I CAN” Outdoor Play Agreements – as posted in D2L/Google classroom and in the student agenda (Grades 1-6)

I CAN use the snow and ice chunks to build forts and structures and I won’t throw or kick snow or ice at others.

I CAN share the snow and ice chunks.

I CAN slide in safe (adult approved) areas if I am wearing appropriate clothing – coat, boots, snow pants, mittens.

I CAN slide if I am on my bum or my knees and I CAN take turns.

I CAN play with a regular basketball at the hoops.

I CAN play with a “soft” football or soccer ball on the field area.

I CAN play with “PALS” equipment when this is outside.

I CAN go inside after the bell rings without guarding or destroying forts and structures first.

I CAN follow the agreements or the adults may ask me to leave a play area.