Dear Parents,

I am writing to remind you that there is a Public Meeting regarding the St. John’s Boundary Review this Wednesday night; February 12th from 3:00 – 8:00pm in the gym at Holy Rosary CES. Parents are encouraged to attend, this is a time to learn more about the boundary review, ask questions and offer your personal feedback.

For parents that have transportation concerns there will be a bus provided to take you to the school. The bus will pick you up at St. John’s at 5:30 pm. The bus will then return to St. John’s to drop you off by 7:30pm.

ዝከበርኩም ወለዲ

ኸም ዝፍለጥ ብዝሒ ተመሃሮ ስለዘለና ኣብ ሓደ ሓደ ቦታታት ዘለው ተመሃሮ ናብ ካልእ ቤት ትምህርቲ ከም ዝከዱ ሓበሬታ ሂብናኩም ኣለና ። ንደሕሪ ጽባሕ ሮቡዕ የካቲት 12, ካብ ሰኣት 3፡00 ክሳብ ሰዓት 8:00 ኣብ ጂም ናይ  ቤት ትምህርቲ Holy Rosary CES ሓበሬታ ብዛዕባ ናይ ዶብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ክንህብ ኢና። ሕቶን ርእይቶን ኽንቅበል ኢና።

ናይ መጎዓዝያ ጸገም ዘለኩም ኣውቶብስ ኣብ ቤት ትምህርቲ St. John’s ኸነዳልወልኩም ኢና። ካብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ሰዓት 5.፡30 ተበጊሳ ስዓት 7:30 ኣብ ቤት ትምህርቲ St. John’s ከትመልሰኩም ኢያ።

If you have any questions please let me know,

Mr. Paul Gladding,