Week 2- Tools For Life- Knowing Your Feelings

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

This week, your child learned about Knowing Your Feelings. A copy of the slide deck may be found here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QpC2pfXIZgORpOvj2gag5cvtPEp1H6S-Gszvf8noyzg/edit?usp=sharing Please take this opportunity to discuss what your child learned through the following questions. We are sure you will be impressed with how much information your child can share. Please reassure your child that all feelings are okay; feelings are not good or bad, they are just our body’s way of letting us know when we are experiencing something,

Your child is learning that feelings are okay but how we choose to share our feelings is something we need to practice.

  1. Can you name three feelings you learned about this week?
  2. What are uncomfortable feelings?
  3. What are comfortable feelings?
  4. What feelings did you have today?
  5. What is belly breathing?

We hope that you will encourage your child to share their feelings in appropriate ways. The more we practice talking about our feelings the better we can get along together.


Mr. Shanahan & Ms. Murphy

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