Good evening,

Covid Update – this afternoon, I was informed of 2 new cases of COVID in our school community. Please know that there are some additional connections outside the school that may be contributing factors to the number of current cases. In the letter that I am sharing from the board tonight, it speaks of school-wide asymptomatic testing that is available to us very soon. St. John’s is one of the first 3 schools in the board to be included in this testing. We will be following up later this week with a schedule of dates and times for the asymptomatic testing available to our staff and students; we hope this will offer one and all some peace of mind.

The additional cases resulted in one more class being dismissed; all protocols and Public Health directions are being followed and the staff and students that were deemed as High Risk Contacts from the affected class have been notified and are isolating at home. The affected class and surrounding areas will be deep cleaned and sanitized before school resumes on Tuesday morning. Please note: If you did not hear from the school or Public Health today, your child is not directly affected by the positive cases.

Very Important Letter From the Board – Tonight I am sharing a very important letter from the school board. It outlines a number of COVID-related items. Please read the letter very carefully; take special note of the expectations around screening your children every day; there are updated and stronger rules for isolating if symptoms exist and there are firm and clear expectations for when students and staff are deemed safe to return to school after experiencing symptoms.

Please click this link for the letter from the board: COVID Updates to WCDSB Parents Feb 22nd 21

Daily Screening – All families must do the COVID self-assessment tool with their children, every day, before they come to school. If the children have any symptoms they must be kept at home, if we find them to have symptoms while attending school we will call you to pick them up.  The new regulations dictate that siblings are now included in the stay home expectations; if one child or parent has symptoms the siblings must all stay home. If symptoms are discovered at school the family group will be sent home.

Here is the link to the self-screener:

Take care and stay safe,

Mr. Paul Gladding