covid collection days

June 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

We all hope you are doing well and staying healthy at home. Thank you for your ongoing patience and flexibility with the home learning that the students are participating in.  One of the important things on parents and students’ minds is, when can we pick up our things at school and when/how will we get our report cards. We will be open for this exact purpose on June 22nd to 24th.  Teachers are reaching out and you are invited to come in during your scheduled times. If you have multiple children in the school, you are welcome to bring your older students when you are scheduled with your youngest child, they can all pick up their items at the same time.  The schedule for the week is as follows:

June 22  June 23 June 24  June 25
9:00-12:00 FDK A, B & C & 7A/B 1A, 1B, 1C & 1 / 2 3A, 3B & 3/ 4

8A & 8B

Final Pick Up & 

Pack Up

12:00-3:00 FDK D, E & F & 


2A, 2B, 2C & 2 / 3 4A, 4B, 4/ 5, 5A/B Virtual Assembly


During the visits to the school we will have many safety protocols in place; please follow these so that we are able to keep your family, the staff and all community members safe.

  • All individuals must complete the self-assessment tool prior to arrival, please go to:  to complete the self-assessment

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available when you enter the building, everyone must apply it when entering
  • Individuals may choose to bring and wear a facemask.
  • It is required that there be no more than 7 families in the building at a time
  • Families, teachers and support staff must socially and physically distant at all times.
  • Only one parent allowed in with student – parent attendance is not mandatory especially for older kids,
  • Students must stay with and close parents at all time.
  • Student & families are asked to come at the time assigned by their teacher, families will line up outside to wait their turn – we will have a corral set up; staff will direct you and track the maximum number of families permitted at one time (7 families). Please move quickly so other families can come in.
  • This is not a time for play, socializing, reporting to parents or discussing student achievement
  • All families will enter through the main entrance / the side door that faces the church
  • Families will exit thought door beside the library or the door by the gym, all families will exit to the blacktop
  • No washrooms will be open or available for students/parents
  • Staff will be in classrooms to assist you
  • Families will go to the classrooms to collect belongings, including report card and then leave
  • Lost and Found Materials will be outside on the blacktop
  • Students are encouraged to bring their backpacks; we will also have small black garbage bags if needed
  • Please follow posted signs for direction/flow around the school
  • There will be a designated spot outside each classroom for drop off of materials such as textbooks, uniforms and library books
  • Chromebooks to be returned to the Library – only for Grade 8 and those moving from our Board
  • Chromebooks for all other students including those moving to OLOL and HR are not being collected at this time

Thank you for your help and cooperation as we work though this process and begin the summer holiday.

Paul Gladding