Boundary Review Communication – On Friday and today we send communication via email and some standard mail, to families that are directly affected by the St. John’s Boundary Review. To those of you that have ‘Grandparent” status, you have been asked to respond with your intentions for next year, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

JK registration reminder – any families that have a child entering Junior Kindergarten in September are asked to complete their registrations so we can finalize our class organizations. Registration is online via the WCDSB website at this link:

Any inquiries about registration can be sent by email to Mrs. Lisa Miller:

Nutrition For Learning POP-Up Snack Truck – Stop by for some FREE Healthy Snacks!! – The Nutrition4Learning Pop-up Snack truck will be in our area on Friday May 8th at the following locations and times:

St. Dominic Savio 10 am
AR Kaufman School 10:30 am
St. John’s Catholic School 11 am
King Edward Public School 11:30 am


Week 3 Tools for Life – Put Ups

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

This week, your child learned about positive ways to speak to each other. The messages we send to others need to have a positive tone. We call these messages “Put Ups”. Put Ups are things we do or say to make others feel good. Please take this opportunity to discuss what your child learned through the following questions. We are sure that you will be impressed with how much information your child can share.

  1. What is a Put Up?
  2. What is a Put Down?
  3. Why is it important to give Put Ups?
  4. What are some things you could do or say that would be a put up?
  5. Show me how you can relax your muscles.

We hope that you will encourage your child to use the “Put Up” language at home, as well as at school.


Mr. Shanahan & Ms. Murphy