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Strike Day Thursday; Pizza Day Friday and Immunization Suspensions

Good morning,

STRIKE DAY THURSDAY – As a result of the unresolved labour concerns between the teachers union (OECTA) and the Provincial Government there is a one day strike scheduled for Thursday March 5th – there will be no school on this day.

PIZZA DAY MOVED – As a result of the strike day we will move our Pizza Day to Friday for this week; we will return to our regular schedule next week. As is our normal practice, pizza orders must be submitted by tomorrow (Wednesday)

IMMUNIZATION SUSPENSIONS – every year, Public Health & Emergency Services tracks immunization records for all students in the Region. Students that are not up to date are not allowed to attend school, they are in fact suspended from school if they do not receive the mandatory immunizations. This year the suspension day is March 25th; we currently have a number of students that require updating. You will know if your family is involved if you receive letters advising you to take care of these immunizations. If you receive a letter, please see your doctor or Public Health as soon as possible.

ዝከበርኩም ወለዲ፡

ንሓሙስ ዕለት 5 መጋቢት ትምህርቲ የለን። ኸም ውጻኢት ዘይምርድዳእ ኣብ መንጎ ናይ መማህራን ማሕበርን፡ (OECTA)  ፕሮቭንሻል መንግስትን፡ ናይ ሓደ መዓልቲ ተቃውሞ ክህሉ ሰለዝኮነ ንሓሙስ 5 መጋቢት ትምህርቲ የለን። ስለዚ ንሓሙስ ዝነበረ ናይ ፒዛ መዓልቲ ንሎሚ ሰሙን ጥራይ ንዓርቢ ክንገብሮ ኢና። ናይ ፒዛ ገንዘብ ጽባሕ ክንቅበል ኢና።

ብዛዕባ ኽታበት፡ ዓመታዊ ፓብሊክ ሄልዝ ናይ ኩሎም ተመሃሮ ናይ ክታበት ካርድ ይከታተሎ እዩ። ስለዚ ተመሃሮ በብግዚኡ ክወስድዎ ዝግብኦም ግዴታዊ ክታበት አንተዘይወሲዶም ትምህርቲ ክመሃሩ ኣይፍቐደሎምን እዩ፡ እኻ ድኣ ክሳብ ክታበት ዝወስዱ ናብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ክመጹ ኣይክእሉን፡፡ ንሎሚ ዓመት ካብ 25 መግቢት ጀሚርና ንዘይተኽትቡ ተመሃሮ ክንሰጉግ ኢና ።ፓብሊክ ሄልዝ ንብዙሓት ስድራቤት ደብዳቤ ሰዲዱልኩም ኣሎ። ደብደቤ ዝተቐበልኩም ኩልኩም ብዝቕልጠፈ ናብ ፋሚሊ ዶክተር ወይ ናብ ፓብሊክ ሄልዝ ብምኻድ ካብ ሶኒ ክሳብ ዓርቢ ካብ 8:30 ክሳብ 4:30 ኣኽትብዎም። በዚ ኣብ ታሕቲ ዘሎ ቦታ ኣኽቲብኩም ነቲ ናይ ኽታበት ካርድ ንፓብሊክ ሄልዝ ኣረኪብዎ።

Region of Waterloo Public Health; 99 Regina Street South, Waterloo

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